Some let me make you of the leaders' speeches

I'm sure the news reports will only show some short clips, so here are this afternoon's speeches in full.


The title would have been especially appropriate if Lee Waters had been speaking ... or if the referendum had been held last October.

But I have no idea where the idea of us now being "full and equal partners in the UK" comes from. We are still very far from having the same areas of responsibility devolved to Wales as are devolved to either Scotland or Northern Ireland.

This is the message we must now send clearly from the loud hill of Wales.


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Unknown said...

Cymru Fydd starts today! YFORY!

It is a relief to me that we not longer have Welsh people like Dylan Thomas who think they have to speak with a 'Tweng' to be taken seriously! Timeless poetry, very, very dated diction!

I enjoyed Rachel's speech! She tried to be gracious in defeat, but failed abysmally, however, she deserves credit for even turning up!

Wales became a nation today, and regardless of where people stood on the issue of the referendum, they must become willing participants in the new Wales or be marginalised for ever!

Owen said...

No north Wales, no south Wales, no west Wales, no east Wales.

Just Wales.

Anonymous said...

is it my imagination or does does rachel banner get more like mrs thatcher every day?

i predict that with the anti-devolution wing of the welsh labour party now all but non existent she'll soon be joining true wales colleage and assembly hater supreme len gibbs in the motley ranks of politicaly speaking there's simply nowhere else in wales for people like her to go!

Leigh Richards

Anonymous said...

Haven't you got the clip of the man that came after Rachel Banner (long black curly hair) it was cut off on TV, and I wanted to listen to the rest of it! sounded like a good 'en!

MH said...

I had no idea who the person who spoke after Rachel Banner was, Anon. I did think he might have gone up just to make Ms Banner seem reasonable ... in comparison. But he couldn't have been from True Wales as he was at least thirty years too young! My best guess is that he was just in the audience and took advantage of the empty stage; but he was cut out after a few sentences, so I don't know what point he was trying to make.

Owen said...

A UKIP-er by any chance?

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