Bang! The general election campaign starts

Last night there was a televised debate between the four party leaders, but I'd guess that nearly everybody in Wales missed it ... and didn't even know it was being held.

Sadly, I'm talking about the Scottish general election, not the general election in Wales. If anyone wants to catch it, it's on the STV player, just click the image:


The obvious question is why the same thing hasn't happened in Wales. It's only five weeks until the election, but precious little is happening here. In fact we'll have to wait until 26 April for ITV Wales to do what STV has already done, and will do again on 3 May. Why does Scotland get two, but Wales only one?

As for the BBC, they announced last week that they will broadcast a leaders' debate on 1 May in Scotland, and invited people to be in the audience. I guess they will do one for Wales, but I can't find a similar announcement. Again, why so slow off the mark in Wales compared with Scotland?

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Anonymous said...

Television debates and the like are a poor substitute for getting out to meet the voters. Certainly where I live in the north (of Wales, of course) there's a lot happening on the ground.

Anonymous said...

The obvious explanation is that the Scottish Parliament was disolved on March 25th and the Assembly is still sitting. Why bash the broadcasters for what was an Assembly decision?

glynbeddau said...

It's a pity the Greens weren't included though particularly as they are now ahead of the Libdems in the polls. and they are established Holyrood Party if it was wrong to exclude the SNP from the Westminster debate they should have ensured that the Greens were included in these.

MH said...

Why on earth would anyone think that TV debates are a substitute for work on the ground, Anon 7:43?


The Assembly dissolves tomorrow, Anon 8:01, a huge difference of six days. But in Scotland, STV's first debate comes four days after dissolution; in Wales, ITV Wales' first debate comes four weeks after ... and the BBC announced their debate before dissolution in Scotland. So yes, you bet I'm criticizing them.

Why passively accept the second rate treatment Wales is given? Kick up a fuss.


I agree Glyn, after the shabby treatment towards Plaid and the SNP in the election to Westminster last year, lessons should have been learned for our own general elections. The Greens have two MSPs. At a minimum, I would have thought that one of the three debates should include them.

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