Celebrating Our Nation

Let's remember the man himself ...


... and celebrate this day with pride in who we are as a nation, and confidence in our ability to shape our own future.



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Anonymous said...

Missed the St David's Day parade for the first time in years today. So glad to see it gain in strength and that Cardiff City Council are also taking it on board ... just hope it doesn't get too commericalised or sanitised.

Any photos of the procession?

Owen said...

Anon 15:39 - There's some photos on the Cardiff Guardian site here.

Here's my own take on St Davids' Day.

The Cyber Nat blogosphere just got one bigger. :)

Anonymous said...

Ta, I'll check out the photos Great pity that the late Rhobert ap Steffan couldn't be there.

Good to see a new blog too.

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