Another Poster to Print

Here's a new poster from Yes for Wales:


Either click the image or click here to download the hi-res pdf version.

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Anonymous said...

it's time to say 'NO'

Anonymous said...

not this time my friend...the people of wales will be saying a resounding YES on march 3rd...and you know it....whoever you are!

Leigh Richards

glynbeddau said...

I'm not sure if this poster is striking ot hideous but have printed it and displayed it anyway

Anonymous said...

It's like something from a Carry on film poster, carry on ignoring the people Cardiff Assembly after we vote yes, for the monkeys to run the zoo!!

MH said...

I agree that the graphics leave a certain something to be desired, Glyn. In these days of computers, it seems that people have forgotten how to kern or line space by eye.

But perhaps the amateur look is deliberate; they might have thought that a more professional look would be attacked as elitist.

Welsh Left said...

It's retro more than amateurish. It's got a 70s activist/radical feel. Much better than it being a clean, corporate image. Great to use our national colours too. Adds a bit of passion to the technical issue that is up for debate.

Anonymous said...

what a disgusting comment from the coward who has been posting on here anonymously but refuses to reveal their identity in comparing democratically elected welsh politicians to monkeys in a zoo...on a par with rachel banner's obscene recent attempts to compare assembly members with murdering dictators! What utter contempt these assembly abolitionists have for our democratically elected welsh politicians!

So rachel if you are going to post on this blog at least have the bottle to reveal your identity instead of cowering behind anonymity!

Leigh Richards

Anonymous said...

So, to conclude the argument for No:

All AMs are Murdering nashie commie pig-monkeys!

They need to be kept in check by politicians in London, who are blessed with divine wisdom and infallibility. (Coz us Welsh are crap).


Cibwr said...

Pads I am afraid that is the level of the "debate" that we have been subjected to from the NO campaign.

I see that they have now attacked the Catholic church in Wales for making positive noises, something about churches should keep out of the argument, while trumpeting on Len's website the endorsement of a Christian fundamentalist group.

Anonymous said...

Can we safely assume that Rachel Banner (& Dave Rees, Nigel Dix) has destroyed any future that she (they) might have had in the Welsh Labour party?


Owen said...

I like the poster, even if it is a little bit "loud".

Isn't it gratifying to see the BNP and Communists united in common cause at least? Molotov-Ribbentrop Part II.

Owen said...

Here's an interesting line from the True Wales Facebook page posted in the last hour:

Paul Matthews (the same "Wales lacks ability" Paul Matthews?)

"ABSTAIN ON THURSDAY! Let's deprive this "referendum" of any legitimacy - by securing an abysmal turnout - then start the campaign to ABOLISH THE ASSEMBLY on Friday!

I am opposed to the existence of the assembly. No ifs no buts. THE ONLY HONEST THING FOR ME TO DO IS ABSTAIN, in the absence of an "abolish the assembly" box on the ballot. I am not going to PRETEND I want to keep the status quo! ABSTAIN ON THURSDAY!"

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