What they really think about you ... in Hi-Res

I'm pleased to say that I've just been sent a larger pdf version. Click the image to download it, then print it out at A3.


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Unknown said...

First rate!

Anonymous said...

Can you convert that into an A3 PDF so we can print it off? It would look good in my window

MH said...

It's not by me. I got it in an email that had been forwarded at least a couple of times.

But if the original author wants to send me a bigger version, I'd be happy to put it on my server for anyone to download and print off.

Syniadau - snail - inbox - dot - com

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon - this is an excellent poster and a pdf version would be great.

Paul Matthews seems a simple sort of fellow but his comments certainly show the true nature of True wales.

They have said nothing positive about Wales so far in this debate - it's all negative stuff with the obligatory 'scare' story thrown in for good measure.

If ever there was a misnomer then it's their choice of name.

True Lies is much more appropriate for an organisation whose motto should clearly be Screw Wales.

Anonymous said...

I’ve just read a story on Wales Online with the headline, ‘True Wales apologises for using homophobic remark on Twitter’.

At this rate TW may well end up offending everyone in Wales.

It’s just as well, for the people of Wales, that this motley crue turned down the opportunity to be the No lead group in the forthcoming referendum campaign.

Can you imagine the sort of impression they would create outside Wales if they appeared in the wider media as official representatives of a No campaign.

Another home goal for ‘Motley Crue Wales’.

Cibwr said...

Unfortunately their lies stick. I had a conversation with someone yesterday who told me that if there is a yes vote then we will get 20 more AMS and that I am mistaken if I think we will not, as its already written down (where he couldn't say). He also said that the National Assembly had done nothing for anyone other than Cardiff people and gave an the example of "building a new North South Road" rather than building a new motorway through Newport as proof of this......

Unknown said...

I agree, Cibwr - the Scrutiny question, and the 'Slippery Slope' lie are also taking hold. Now they are going for the North/South rubbish, which may have some traction in North Wales.

I have to say that if Paul Matthews were the best Wales have to offer, then I would almost be inclined to believe what he says about us! Thankfully, he is just a sleazy Newbridge rent-collector - hardly a captain of industry!

MH said...

Cibwr, I think it is fair to say that Wales will eventually get more AMs, but not as a direct result of this referendum.

Wales is currently over-represented in terms of MPs. This was true of Scotland as well, but because the Scottish Parliament had primary lawmaking powers from the outset, the number of Scottish MPs was cut from 72 to 59. The number of MPs in Wales was not cut in the same way because the Welsh Assembly wasn't given primary lawmaking powers. But now, despite that, the number of MPs is about to be reduced from 40 to 30 anyway.

The simple fact is that Scotland has a Parliament of 129 members for 5.1m people (39,000 per seat) but we have a National Assembly with 60 members for 3m people (50,000 per seat). So by rights we should have more AMs. But we don't need them yet, because areas such as police and the justice system have not been devolved to Wales in the same way that they are devolved to Scotland, and now Northern Ireland too. I wrote more about it here.

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