Two More Videos

Ioan Gruffudd and Cynog Dafis give us their reasons for voting Yes on 3 March:



The originals are from the Ie dros Gymru and Our Assembly pages on YouTube.

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Jac o' the North, said...

Cynog Dafis, let us remember, was one of the leaders of the plot that removed Plaid Cymru's greatest political asset and lumbered the party with its present uninspiring leader.

He was also the inspiration behind Plaid's disastrous link-up with the Greens. He really saw a meeting of minds between a nationalist party and a bunch of hippies, many of whom regard the Welsh as backward and primitive.

Now he is fully behind any scheme to cover Wales in ugly, useless and expensive wind turbines.

No. A luvvie and a politician with a very iffy past will not inspire me to vote Yes. I probably will, but this certainly ain't helping.

MH said...

I feel sorry for you, Jac. It must be hard to find that people who you don't agree with on other things, or don't even like, are going to vote Yes. But that's part and parcel of being in such a large group.

Never mind, normal hostilities can be resumed in a fortnight.

Anonymous said...

... actually, tend to agree with Jac on the issue of Cynog and Wigley. That was one hell of a bad call.

But as you say, the Yes campaign is a broad church.

In terms of Ioan G, then, Jac I disagree with you. It's good to see today's 'stars' so ready to stand up and speak for Wales. Very different from our stars twenty or thirty years ago - can't imaging Shakin Stevens, Anthony Hopkins, Shirley Bassey doing the same.

Anonymous said...

Cynog Dafis- even though he is a realist- is or was an enlightened politician- the 'link up with the hippies' saw him take Ceredigion from fourth place. An achievement not to be dismissed.

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