The BNP wants us to vote No

As if the systematic lies and deliberate misrepresentations of True Wales were not enough – and they weren't enough for Len Gibbs, who decided he needed to set up his own site to add a few more of his own – the BNP has today come out in favour of a No vote on 3 March.

Those of you with strong stomachs can read about it here:

     British National Party in Wales Calls for No Vote in Welsh Assembly Referendum

In it, we will see that our National Assembly is really an "EU regional parliament" that has been imposed on us as part of our "subservience to an unelected European state" ... and that the referendum is not about us getting primary lawmaking powers, but in fact "to give greater powers to the EU".

But what I find most fascinating is that the BNP wholeheartedly agree with True Wales on one thing. They claim they want people to vote No not because they are against devolution, but because they want to give Wales something better instead. Of course they do.

Now we know that the people of Wales don't have the abilities needed for full lawmaking powers, and that Welsh people who haven't moved out of Wales are not the most innovative and creative ... this must be true because True Wales have said so. But I'm not really convinced. It seems to me that True Wales and the BNP in Wales are showing an extraordinary ability to come up with innovative and creative lies.

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Emlyn Uwch Cych said...

No, MH, you've clearly misinterpreted the fascist position. After all the turgid, inaccurate, stylistically dubious prose ... we come to the truth: the BNP is actually a federalist party:

"It is to address this mess that the British National Party is pledged to upgrade the status of the Welsh Assembly to a Welsh Parliament in line with similar Parliament status for England, Scotland and Ulster.

The difference will, of course, be that these institutions would be under a democratic pan-British Government, and not an undemocratic foreign state in the guise of the EU."

Pan-British? Is that like Großdeutschland in NSDAP days?

Anonymous said...

If True Wales now sign up David Icke they will have a full set....


Jac o' the North, said...

This is just the fillip a flagging Yes campaign needed. Shout it from the rooftops - 'The BNP wants you to vote No!'

Sean Skipton said...

"... the people of Wales don't have the abilities needed (etc)" - a similar argument was made by Mubarak in Egypt recently, and look what happened to him.

Duncan Higgitt said...

"...the ‘National Assembly for Wales’ until they later changed their name to 'Welsh Assembly Government...'

Ho ho ho.

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