Print a Poster

If anyone hasn't yet done it, here's an A3 size poster to print off and put in the window of your home, shop, office or car.

Just click the image to download the pdf.


Did I really say "or"? How silly of me; that should of course have been "... home, shop, office and car".

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Anonymous said...

Well done MH. We've got a fight on our hands.

True Lies have obviously decided on a line 'Westminster scrutiny'(i.e. Wales too stupid to do what Scotland and NI do) but also allow any rubbish to be spouted (vote against new taxes and politicians).

We need posters and stickers up this weekend to get the message out. It's not a time for people to be subtle and sit back.

Anonymous said...

... so, have you put your poster up yet? I've just put a second one in my window.

Unknown said...

Had some up in my window for 3 weeks! Caryl in Cardiff not helpful - would not allow me to use original artwork, so the resolution is a bit compromised - but it looks fine from the road.

Unknown said...

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