True Wales ... Well and Truly Baffled

Poor Rachel Banner and the half-dozen or so other Labour party members of True Wales have described themselves as "baffled":

Labour members of True Wales are baffled that Ed Miliband is playing into the hands of the separatists, blithely unaware of the consequences for the most vulnerable in Wales. On his visit to a meeting of a select band of Labour Party ‘Yes for Wales’ supporters, he reiterated his support for giving the Assembly even greater power.

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It's amazing how out of touch they are with the party they belong to, for not only Ed Miliband, but every single one of the candidates in the Labour leadership contest last year was in favour of a Yes vote, as I wrote in this post last July:

All five say Yes

It is interesting to see that all five would-be leaders of the Labour Party have said they are in favour of a Yes vote in the referendum on primary lawmaking powers for the Senedd.


     'Ie i fwy o bwerau' medd pump
     Labour leader hopefuls back extra Welsh Assembly powers

As recently as last year this was still a burning "issue" on which the Labour Party were split. But now everything has changed. I wonder what someone like Paul Murphy—who is used to joust with Don Touhig for the dubious prize of being the MP most against any further devolution to Wales—makes of that? He supports Ed Miliband, and Ed Miliband wants a Yes.

What of many of the rest who were at best lukewarm about it? They all support a candidate who wants Wales to have primary lawmaking powers. So will they now fall into line? I think even those who will do it through gritted teeth are hardly the sort who would put their head above the parapet on the issue.

The simple fact is that the Welsh public want a Senedd with primary lawmaking powers ... by a margin that is widening all the time, and currently stands at almost two-to-one in favour of a Yes. Now that it is clear that the tide is moving in only one direction, what Labour MP would want to stand against it?

Syniadau, 5 July 2010

And it was refreshing to see that, unlike some Welsh Labour MPs, Ed Miliband supports a Yes vote for the right reasons:

He used a question and answer session with Labour supporters at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff to say he did not think the current way in which Welsh laws are made "makes sense".

Mr Miliband said: "I'm for a Yes vote because the idea that Carwyn and other ministers in the Welsh Assembly Government have to come back to London for order-making powers when they want to change things in a devolved area doesn't make sense.

"When it's legislation that is only affecting Wales, it should be made in Wales ... and that's why I'm supportive of a Yes vote in the referendum."

BBC, 12 February 2011

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Anonymous said...

There appears to have been a split in the True Wales cabal! Len Gibbs has registered as an abolitionists, and started his own , votenoday which to be fair, is technically better than the one TW spent 400 on! (though still full of the same lies)

Cibwr said...

Thanks for that link, its even worse than the True Wales site, I thought Len was supposed to be the "nice" one of the pair, a more personal and poisonous site I have yet to see. Really unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

cheers for providing this link to len gibbs abolitionist campaign Siônnyn.....i was in swansea campaigning on saturday and encountered len and the pink elephant....oops sorry pig.....its just that most of the bemused shoppers who were unfortunate enough to stumble upon len in swansea city centre on saturday (before the police made them tow it away)....thought the said inflatable was an elephant!!

But what was perhaps of more significance about the brashly coloured elephant's wanderings on the weekend is that len gibbs was accompanied by none other than true wales spokesperson nigel are we to assume that true wales is now actually supporting len's campaign to abolish the welsh assembly? i think the welsh people have a right to know if this is now indeed true wales position ahead of march 3rd!

Leigh Richards

Anonymous said...

Ed Milliband ... he's just another politician.


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