Ysgol Panteg

Last summer I mentioned that Torfaen had given approval for a new Welsh Medium school in Griffithstown. So I was pleased to see from this announcement in the latest edition of Torfaen Talks that everything has been sorted out with the Welsh Government, and that the school will open in September.

Welsh education is growing faster in Gwent than any other area in Wales

More than 1,600 children are taught through Welsh in Torfaen and a new Welsh-medium school, Ysgol Panteg, is opening in September in Griffithstown, following Welsh Assembly approval.

The 150-place primary school, which will be located at the former Griffithstown Infant School site, will have a nursery unit of 13 places.

Initially the school will open with a reception and nursery class. Parents don’t have to be Welsh speakers to send their children to a Welsh-medium school.

For further information, contact Jackie Watkins on 01633 647343 or jacquiline.watkins@torfaen.gov.uk

It sounds like a good name. There are at present two Welsh medium schools in Torfaen. Bryn Onnen is just north of Pontypool towards Blaenafon and Ysgol Gymraeg Cwmbrân is in the southern half of Cwmbrân, so this new school fits nicely between them, and should draw in a new set of children who live in the areas shown on this map:


We know from here [4.7] that 81% of people in Wales think it is important that children learn to speak Welsh (only 7% disagree and the rest don't have an opinion) and we also know that—even though Welsh is a core subject in English medium schools—English medium schools usually don't do more than provide a basic grounding in the subject. That means that the best, and of course easiest, way of ensuring that your child grows up able to speak both languages is through WM education. So it's up to you.


And for those who don't live in Torfaen, why not get in touch with RhAG (Parents for Welsh-medium Education) who I'm sure will be more than happy to tell you what you can't pick up from their website. Better to sort things out now rather than leave it until just before September.

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Jaci Taylor said...

Congratulations in setting up another Welsh Mediun School. Remember there are now a wide range of Welsh courses available for non Welsh speaking parents. So if you're worried about not being able to help your child/ren why not sign up for one of these courses. Details of all Welsh Language Centres can be found on www.cymraegioedolion.org

Llwyncelyn said...

You can also give your children a headstart by taking them to a cylchoedd ti a fi from birth to aged 4 or Meithrin aged 2-4. See www.dillyanddaffy.com for details of Torfaen's.
WWW.MYM.COM if you live outside Torfaen.

Llwyncelyn said...

My apologies: WWW.MYM.CO.UK

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