More effect on Parliament than the entire Liberal Democrats

Yes, the lesser mortals in the House of Commons cringe in fear and shame before the power and majesty of Plaid's glorious trio. Well, at least that's the picture as seen by the Independent this morning.


Plaid Cymru's fearsome threesome pack quite a punch

What a relief to see Elfyn Llwyd in the House yesterday, still alive and asking questions. He's always more interesting than he looks. Tiny Plaid Cymru are a great parliamentary asset. Blair and Mittal's £2m, that was them. They kicked off Cash for Honours. The Blair Impeachment project, they did that too. Llwyd and Adam Price (they are two-thirds of their party) have probably had more effect on Parliament than the entire Liberal Democrats.

He was suggesting to Jack Straw that half the women in prison shouldn't be there (did you know women have gone to jail for not paying their television licence?) Leave aside his imprisoned women, Elfyn has another fish on the line.

Four years ago, he received a document—top secret, unsigned. From whom? I don't know. Why did he get it? Don't know that either.

What's in it? Ah yes, it details, he says, our leader's conversation at the famous Crawford meeting a year before the Iraq war started. It is, he tells me, "evidence of a done deal between Bush and Blair" and shows that in the light of Blair's subsequent answers on the subject that "the depth of the deceit is astonishing".

So that's why it's nice to see him kicking and swinging—and not from underneath Blackfriars Bridge. Why he has taken four years to bring it up? I can't say but the news has been taken seriously enough to bring in interviewing officers from Special Branch and the Met. Over a week ago he offered the document to the Chilcot inquiry and he hasn't heard back. We'll just have to wait and see.

Independent - 10 February 2010

Mind you, packing more of a punch than all sixty-three Liberal Democrat MPs combined isn't really saying so very much, is it? And that was with only two! Include Hywel, and we have more positive effect on Parliament than both Labour and the Tories combined.

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MH said...

I know the timing's unfortunate. There I was, trying hard to encourage the LibDems in Wales to be bolder about further devolution ... and along comes Simon Carr to take a cheap shot at them.

Seriously, Peter, Kirsty and the other LibDems who read this blog. Be more positive and we can take devolution in Wales much further than either Labour or the Tories could ever do. You build up some muscle, and we'll find a phone box for you to change in.

Illtyd Luke said...

Consistent, principled, Welsh opposition to the New Labour-Tory axis. On most major issues be it Iraq, Afghanistan, PFI, civil liberties the government and opposition are indistinguishable and it's Plaid that is usually the real alternative.

A credit to three individuals but i'm sure they wouldn't be able to do it without subscribing to the higher purpose of our nation, Plaid Cymru.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least they can say they've bothered to turn up at least one during the this Parliament.

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