The Grey Cobweb

Believe it or not, I did draft a post congratulating Carwyn Jones on managing to get a slot on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday, and for his rather good toolbox illustration. In the end I thought it was too un-newsworthy, though I did finish it off by saying the question I would have asked is whether he had sent the letter off to Peter Hain.

As we've learned today, he hasn't.

Which says just about all we need to know about Carwyn Jones and why he got his reputation for being so dozy. He's so laid back he might as well be horizontal. I had thought he'd dyed his hair grey in order to follow in Rhodri Morgan's footsteps. Now I realize it's just a cobweb.


Beneath the grey cobweb, there's precious little decisive activity in the grey cells. Nick Bourne was right. Peter Hain is, in the shadows, still very firmly in control of Welsh Labour. It looks like we'll have to wait some time before we get to the N of the Bang.

Just remember that David Cameron has only said he will not stand in the way of the Referendum Order, and that he will give his MPs a free vote. Nobody in Labour will be able to say that they weren't warned when his MPs either vote it down or impose new conditions. Peter Hain will be laughing. He might just get what he wanted all along ... to scupper the referendum for the next ten years.

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the puppet master said...

no surprise there's been no movement on the letter to Peter Hain, as you said he and Labour don't want the referendum and seen as its half term they can blame it on the holidays.

If Plaid want the referendum they are going to have to fight for it a lot harder than they have been doing of late.

And I did smile when I read Nick Bourne talking about others in Labour being in control of the real agenda because Nick and the Welsh Tories have been told exactly what to say and do by David Cameron and Cheryl Gillan for the last couple of years to win seats in Wales at the General Election.

Unknown said...

Carwyn's cobwebs are actually sprayed on by the same salon that does Peter Hains tan....

mcshede said...

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