No, you're still racists!

Nick Griffin is now claiming that, because the BNP has voted to change its membership rules, they can no longer be called a racist party:


     BNP votes to ditch whites-only membership rule

I have just two comments on that. First, that it seems to be an admission that the BNP could be called a racist party before this rule change. But second and rather more importantly, that what makes the BNP a racist party is not its membership, but its policies. Any party that seeks to deny some people in our society the same rights as others because of their racial background is racist.

So the BNP are still racists ... unless they change their policies as well as their membership rules.

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Anonymous said...

I know it would never happen, but I'd love to see large numbers of people from ethnic minorities joining the BNP. Why? Because they'd have the power to vote and influence party policy, and in large enough numbers they could really pee on the racists' chips!

(Of course, I'd expect those people who joined for this reason to vote for a different party in elections.)

Anonymous said...

But you would alos pee on the chips of people who are concerned about the level of immigration into the UK and who aren't racists but don't have any other party which will tackle this issue. Of course, this massive immigration is a major factor in causing the massive influx of white flighters from English cities into Wales.....but that seems to have gone unnoticed by even a 'nationalist' party such as Plaid.

Anonymous said...

....and added to the above, Plaid is still Labour Mk2 with pro-devolution policies. It wasn't long ago that Plaid was knocked from pillar to post by Labour for being 'racist' and their effort to prove otherwise....they have become a 'Welsh' version of nuLabour.

MH said...

Anon 1, I don't think it is a good idea to p on anyone's chips, and I don't think anyone will join the BNP for that reason. They won't be able to change the party's policy just by joining.

As for Anon 2&3, every party I know in Welsh and UK politics is in favour of immigration being controlled. Perhaps Labour haven't been too good at doing what they said they would do in recent years, but there are enough other alternatives. So the only reason for voting BNP, as opposed to other parties, is if you support racism.

And, as I've said on many occasions, there is all the difference in the world between the BNP's exclusive nationalism based on race, and the inclusive civic nationalism of Plaid and the SNP ... which acknowledges and celebrates the fact that nationality is not dependent on race, and that Welsh and Scottish people can be of any race, colour or religion.

Anonymous said...

Why do I continuously meet people in Wales who've mobed form England and complain about how their town/city/area has been changed through immigration in a very short period of time in recent years. And I'm not talking about thuggish people just people who don't recognize their communities any more having been taken over by other cultures. That's what I'm hearing. I suppose you'll call them racists. Hasn't it been made quite clear recently that the hight level of immigration to the UK has been intentional? I'm sure you've read about it. what was the latest figure being bandied about.....70 million. It didn't keep Woolas awake at night. I don't see any discussion of the issue amongst any of the main parties in the UK. And the average person on the street is quite concerned. That is why the BNP are gaining ground and will continue to do so because the other parties are in some kind of death embrace whereby each is scared of being called racist by another. It's a joke.

MH said...

I don't think you do, Anon. Unless you move in very limited circles ... and that of course would explain why your party, and only your party, claim that you "don't see" any discussion about immigration, when it is a very well debated issue indeed.

Anonymous said...

MH said...

"I don't think you do, Anon."

Are you saying that you don't think I hear those complaints by English people moving to Wales? Maybe it's you who is moving in very limited circles.....? Maybe you can give me link to a recent debate re-immigration? Also, I think you are suggesting I'm a BNP supporter. Well I'm not and for a particular reaon I cannot ever be.

MH said...

I think you're lying through your teeth, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Why should I do that?

Didn't Dafydd Iwan say something similar to what I am saying....that a lot of the people moving into Wales were white flighters?

I am telling you my experiences and concerns over immigration and basically you have suggested I'm a BNP supporter, and now a liar. Lying about what I cannot make out. Still, I don't see you provide any link about immigration being discussed.

Anonymous said...

"Unlike the US, in Britain the very existence of white flight is still controversial. When the Plaid Cymru politician Dafydd Iwan was denounced last year for saying that white English people were moving to Wales to avoid immigrants, he replied simply: “That is the truth of it . . . ask them."

MH said...

Who denies that white flight exists? The question was whether you "continuously meet" such people. But I would have no hesitation in saying that anyone who moves away from an area because they don't like immigrants in that area is being hypocritical, since they are inflicting on the area unfortunate to receive them the very same immigration that they claim to be fleeing from.

But of course they don't see it that way. And why? Simply because of the colour of a person's skin. They think it doesn't matter in their case because their own skin is white, and what has really motivated them to leave is that, in their opinion, their area has too many people whose skin is a different colour to their own. Raw racism. Nothing else. That's why it's called white flight.

But let me repeat, it is perfectly understandable and right to have concerns over immigration, but the BNP are the only party for whom it is a matter of race. They define nationality in terms of race. That makes them racist.

Anonymous said...
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MH said...

If you want to continue the discussion you need to do so in more moderate terms than you used in your last post.

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