Is this a parallel I see before me?

The Grauniad was going to print a story about the referendum on primary lawmaking powers for the National Assembly yesterday, but some copy editor in London got hold of the wrong end of the stick and changed it.

I've just been sent a copy of the original version, with the editor's corrections:

Brown promises to push through law before election
to pave way for referendum


Gordon Brown vowed today that he would overcome a daunting timetable to force through a law in the next two months requiring a referendum to be held on primary lawmaking powers for the Welsh Assembly changes to the voting system for the Commons after the election.

After weeks of delay and tactical disagreements inside the Welsh Labour Party cabinet, Brown staked his authority on committing his party not just to a referendum on primary lawmaking powers the alternative vote, but also to making the law introducing the referendum a legislative priority in the remaining six weeks of parliament before the election is called.

In the One Wales Agreement his autumn conference speech, Labour Brown promised a referendum on primary lawmaking powers AV, but at the last minute excised a commitment to pass a law setting a date for a referendum after the election. The referendum will now be held by October 2010 2011, the prime minister announced today ...

Guardian Recycling Bin - 2 February 2010

We know that Peter Hain is all in favour of AV, and that he will therefore be instrumental in pushing the legislation on a referendum on the Alternative Vote through Parliament before the Westminster election.

But will he pull his finger out and do the same for our referendum?

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