Welsh Independence

I've only just found out that the Welsh Independence blog has been brought back to life, and looks set to do some kicking. Definitely one to add to our bloglists.


Two articles are well worth highlighting. The first is a video report from Russia Today last week, which I've embedded below. The words that go with it are here.


The second is a slightly fuller version of an article by Siôn Jobbins which appeared in Cambria Politico last month. There aren't that many differences, but it's worth reading again anyway.

     Too Poor to be Independent – the same old story

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Anonymous said...

Preety much a fair report- preety much on the money! Must start watch RT more often!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the updates for other blogs on the front page side banner? I used to use this site first then visit the most recently updated from here. Luckily it's still on the article page.

Anonymous said...

Ignore that.. It's working again. Very pleased to see Independence Wales back on the scene again.

Anonymous said...

Watching the RT clip encouraged me to take a look at:


Talent indeed.

Unknown said...

when people say we are too poor to be independent, what they really mean is that we are too stupid to be independent - and while most of us continue to vote Labour, I think they might have a point!

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