Another example of Labour's insouciance

Following Chris Bryant's failure to understand what the word insouciant means, Neil Kinnock has kindly stepped in to provide us with a perfect definition. Referring to reports in the press that his son Stephen is gay, he said:


“When you are up against garbage like that, the only way to respond is with a shrug and a smile."

Wales on Sunday, 18 September 2011

But did he just shrug it off and smile? Of course he didn't.

According to Wales on Sunday he's reacted with "fury" and "launched a blistering attack" on the media. He called what was written about Stephen "a lot of bilge" and said it was an example of one of "the most vicious forms of personal attack".


Isn't it strange that Labour politicians like Neil Kinnock and Chris Bryant say one thing, but in fact do the exact opposite of what they say?

Why is it that remarks about a person's sexuality result in furious and very vocal complaints from both these politicians, but others are expected not to kick up a fuss or complain when their language is attacked?

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Anonymous said...

Does Stephen Kinnock speak Danish - or does he consider it an unter-Sprache as his parents considered Welsh?

Does Glenys get into a hissy fit when she sees monolingual signs on the Danish toilets. What about all those little kids on holiday who can't speak Danish.

Sorry, I wish them bad luck. Never forgive Kinnock for 1979 nor his wife for they way she belittled her native language.

As the Norwegians would say - Quislings.

Anonymous said...

There can be no forgiveness without repentance, but be thankful for their one lasting contribution to Welsh history...

...that moment of joy when Islwyn went over to Plaid in 1999 and left the Kinnocks in a two-shot interview bouncing around the set in a way that even Spitting Image was never able to create. Pure, beautiful justice!!!!!

Lionel said...

Thankfully this awful and unprincled bunch of freeloading champagne socialists no longer live in wales there is no forgivable excuse for a mother not to pass on her native language to her children

Cai Larsen said...

So saying that someone is gay is one of "the most vicious forms of personal attack"?

I wonder what Chris thinks of that one.

MH said...

As it happens, Stephen Kinnock can speak Danish, there's an interview here.

I'm not sure I'd want to dine out on the result in Islwyn or the Rhondda in 1999. The key is to win these seats back and hold them. Exposing Labour's double standards will help do that; but it is more important that Plaid Cymru offer a positive alternative. We've shown that we can win seats like these, which is an achievement to be celebrated, but I'm not sure we've answered the hard questions about why we didn't hold them.

Anonymous said...

The British misreporting of the Social Democrats victory in Denmark is ridiculous. They are claiming the "centre-left bloc" won. This is not true. The centre-left component of the alliance- Kinnock's Social Democrats- lost ground. The progress of the far-left Red-Green Alliance in taking 8 seats, and also the Social Liberal advances, masked the Social Democrats' decline- although the Socialist People's Party who equate ideologically to the Plaid left, conceded ground as their voters switched to the mroe radical Red-Green Alliance. It is similar in Germany where the SPD is not really capitalising, and the Greens (who have moved to the left) and the Left (in certain states) are holding up the radical vote. Is it too much to expect a more accurate analysis when it is the Kinnocks' relatives standing for election?

Unknown said...

I believe that Lord Bedwetty is wearing a Cardiff university tie in the picture. A bit of a cheek considering that he failed his finals.

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