Taxi for Clegg

Thanks to the Independent for the cartoon.


What sort of taxi did you think I meant?

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Jac o' the North, said...

I often think that the Conservatives are cleverer than many Welsh like to give them credit for. Consider this.

By bringing a weak and leaderless Liberal Democrat party into coalition they have damaged it for the next UK general election, thereby weakening the major threat to Tory votes, in England at least.

Then, by cutting the number of constituencies, and by revisiting the West Lothian Question, they will reduce the power of a Labour Party also currently lacking both leadership and direction.

Then again, maybe things have just fallen their way. But however you interpret it, the future's looking bright for the Conservatives.

No doubt Labour in Wales will use this scenario to insist that the best 'defence' for Wales is to vote Labour. It is our job to point out that with fewer MPs, and Scotland on the brink of independence, a vote for Labour is a wasted vote in a system that - self-inflicted wounds aside - makes Tory rule from London more likely than ever.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Jac - except that come the next Westminster election it will have become clear to Welsh voters - even the most conditioned Labour donkey voters, that Carwyn has done nothing for Wales (Standing Aside for Wales - wasn't that his slogan?) , and that Labour cannot not win power in whatever is left of the UK. Brilliant opportunity for Plaid, which we must grasp with both hands!

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