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While catching up with the BBC's coverage of the Plaid Cymru conference, I couldn't help but notice this strikingly handsome individual among the delegates.


Yes, it's me.

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Anonymous said...

You've outed youself at last! I was beginning to think you were a figment of our imagination or some cooperative character made up of different inviduals.

Now, this being Wales - where are you from?!

Anonymous said...

Bet there were a few bloggers in the hall. Three or four years ago, even more so.

Anonymous said...

My word! You look like Cynog Dafis. Whose the ugly fellow next to you? ;-)

Cai Larsen said...

Pa un wyt ti - yr un ar y chwith, y dde ta'r canol?

MH said...

It's not quite as drastic as outing myself. Actually, my picture has been on my Blogger profile and therefore appeared in comments on other blogs ever since I started blogging ... though admittedly it's quite an old picture ;-)

And I thought people would have worked out who I was because my name was mentioned a few times in the final report of the All Wales Convention. But obviously not as many as I thought. So to put everyone else in the picture, I'm Michael Haggett.

And I don't think Madoc would appreciate you calling him ugly, 21:11. I'm quite sure that wasn't the reason for him wanting to hide behind Cynog.

Anonymous said...

I had long suspected this due to the uncompromising nationalism, clear line on independence and vigorous defence of the language found on this site, but now it's confirmed at last: you're Dafydd El and all this MH business was just an alias. Good job that guy in the round specs didn't lean any further forward or you'd have been out of shot :)


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