Bowel Cancer

This morning's Western Mail carries a story in which they claim that:

Wales is lagging behind England in tackling bowel cancer

But the figures they use show that exactly the opposite is true. Wales has 5,000 cases of bowel cancer per 100,000, of which 18 die ... a death rate of 0.36%. England has 4,600 cases per 100,000, of which 17 die ... a death rate of 0.37%.

Why the incidence of bowel cancer is greater in Wales than in England is a separate question; but the figures show that Wales is actually more successful in treating those who have the disease than England is.

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Owen said...

I noticed this as well. Obviously the public, who by and large won't pick up on little "tricks" like this, will see it as another stick to beat the devolved NHS with.

Bowel cancer is a serious disease and one worthy of more public awareness and I don't blame cancer charities and the WM of doing this. I just don't like the cynicism. Didn't Wales introduce a national BC screening programme before all the other home nations?

In an unrelated point, the less said about the Plaid - Gaddafi non-story (the details of which I found hilarious) the better.

I just don't know what to think of the W(U)M any more.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what to think of the WM! Despite coming out for a YES vote in March, since then it has done everything it can to undermine confidence in the Assembly. It even continues to publish frequent and repetitive letters form Eric Howells calling for devolution to be scrapped.

Usually the negativity this is the work of a few sub-editors who write negative headlines that contradict the copy, but in this case, the journalism is sloppy as well. With readership dropping alarmingly it seems that the Western Mail is retreating into its old familiar role of'Llais y Sais'.

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