Portillo on Salmond

I've just enjoyed watching a programme on Alex Salmond by Michael Portillo, and I'd like to recommend it to others.


It was only shown on BBC Scotland; but there's a taster here, and the full programme is here on iPlayer until Sunday.

Update - 22 May 2011

The programme is no longer on iPlayer, but it's so good that I've taken the liberty of embedding it here:


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Plaid Panteg said...

Hi MH,

Check out the new website, we would also like you to contribute a post.


Syd Morgan said...

What a disgrace that this is only shown in Scotland. More Brit. censorship, including those brave souls in BBC Not Wales

CWH said...

Thank you for making this available. I was out of the country so missed it and thought I would be able to see it on iPlayer - Silly me!

MH said...

My pleasure, CWH. Hope you enjoyed it.

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