Lost Deposits

One of the indications of how sad a life I lead is that I like looking at statistics. But one thing that brightens up everybody's day is to look at how badly other parties did ... especially the LibDems.

They managed to lose 17 out of 40 deposits in the general election last week, with pride of place going to their performance in Blaenau Gwent:

Blaenau Gwent ... 1.82%
Llanelli ... 2.10%
Rhondda ... 2.48%
Cynon ... 2.62%
Islwyn ... 3.12%
Ynys Môn ...3.15%
Torfaen ... 3.82%
Carmarthen West & SP ... 3.90%
Neath ... 4.12%
Caerffili ... 4.15%
Arfon ... 4.53%
Vale of Glamorgan ... 4.55%
Cardiff North ... 4.63%
Vale of Clwyd ... 4.72%
Carmarthen East & Dinefwr ... 4.81%
Dwyfor Meirionnydd ... 4.82%
Ogmore ... 4.86%

It's particularly interesting to note their performance in Cardiff North, for next door in Cardiff Central they managed to get 37.73% and only missed holding onto that seat by 38 votes.

Next in the parade come the Tories, who did fairly well by only losing one deposit:

Rhondda ... 4.84%

I'm very pleased to say that we in Plaid managed to keep all our deposits, although our 5.48% in Blaenau Gwent was a little too close for comfort. And Labour did too, although they only managed to get 8.75% in Ceredigion.

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Anonymous said...

How much is a deposit these days and how much is it when multiplied by 17!!??

MH said...

£500 a throw. £8,500 in total.

Ambiorix said...

What about UKIP?

Owen said...

Also of note are the party propping up the Monmouth constituency results. The English Democrats.

I still can't get my head around the fact someone at BBC Wales wasted time on an article about their aims in Sir Fynwy.

Anonymous said...

Only £500. What a pity. Should be £1,500 at least. Anyway, Welsh LD's have probably emptied their piggy bank already, particularly having thrown all their money at their unsuccessful Ceredigion campaign. I'm sure the checkers will look closely at Ceredigion LDs expenditure when the accounts are submitted. No doubt, it will all add up . . . to a very large sum of money.

MH said...

I didn't think it was worth mentioning the smaller parties. UKIP only stood in the lists, not in any constituencies.

The English Democrats only stand in Wales as a wind-up. I've never figured out why people sink to the bait of debating the status of Monmouthshire.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

The Lib Dems only lost 3 deposits in 2007, so you're not the only one to lead a sad life!!

Isn't there a £500 deposit on the regional list as well? Doesn't a party still need to get 5% of the vote?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

To counter the ED wind up in Monmouthshire I think a candidate should stand for Oswestry and campaign for the town to be returned to Wales!

MH said...

Yes PG, the £500 deposit also applies to the regions, with the same 5% of the vote required to get it back. The LibDems got 5.9% in North Wales and 6.0% in South Wales East.

Close, but not close enough! If they try hard, they'll get it below 5% next time.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how dire the LibDem performs was and has been since 1999. They really could do well in Wales; I think they're in the just about right position to appeal to most- yet they appeal to almost no one. I mean, I could easily be a LibDem voter- but never have; they give me no appeal. I also feel they are less 'radical' than the UK party, although far more to the Left (but that is needed in Wales!!)

Surprised that Plaid gets all the deposits back- shows that there is a good foundation to build on in the future. I've also reflected on the results, and although it wasn't gains. It wasn't all that bad- but we should do better. I also think that two of the members gone will not be missed. I felt they were taking the Party in the wrong direction; and clearly they have- the campaign should've been more positive as nobody ran a positive campaign in Wales apart from the Tories. We really must distinguish ourselves from Labour; I'd even welcome a Tory approach to our economy. I also really hated when they said we should have made it clear there would be no Tory-Plaid Government. That's just silly- all options should be open. If Labour and Fine Gael can partner in Ireland then so can Plaid and the Conservatives.

However I have to say that Chris Franks and Dai Lloyd will definitely missed- particularly the speeches of Dai Lloyd who could give you a chilling sensation, and the FOI's that Chris Franks made (even when Plaid were in Government- a great AM).

Glyndo said...

19:50 "I also think that two of the members gone will not be missed."

Do say

Anonymous said...

What were the total no of votes gained by Plaid....indeed all the parties?

MH said...

The best place for the basic stats is probably here, 22:16.

Anonymous said...


He's already said Chris Franks and Dai Lloys will be missed.

That only leaves, Helen Mary Jones, Nerys Evans, Janet Ryder and Gareth Jones.
My bet is he ment the first two, however I have no idea why as they will be greatly missed!

Anonymous said...

I assume he means HMJ as together with Bethan Jenkins and Leanne Wood were pulling Plaid to the left and trying to out-Labour Labour. If Plaid are to compete across all of Wales they must compete for the centre ground. Centre-left is electable in Gwynedd and Glamorgan.

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