Vote Plaid ... but only 1.95 times

Today's the big day. Get out and vote to make Wales a better place.

We each have two votes. On the regional ballot paper, which will only have the party names rather than the names of the candidates standing, Always Vote Plaid.

On the constituency ballot paper, which will have the name of the candidate as well as the party s/he is standing for, vote for the Plaid Cymru candidate unless you live in Montgomery, Cardiff North or Cardiff Central. In these three seats we need to hold our noses and vote tactically in order to make it more likely that Plaid will win one of the regional seats:

•  Montgomery ... vote for Russell George, Conservative
•  Cardiff North ... vote for Jonathan Morgan, Conservative
•  Cardiff Central ... vote for Nigel Howells, Liberal Democrat

But everywhere else in Wales the answer is simple: Vote Plaid Twice.

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