Paul Murphy is in favour of a referendum

Yes, it's really true. This is what he said:

The Secretary of State for Wales (Mr. Paul Murphy):

... I agree that the [All Wales] Convention should be open to everybody in Wales to put their points of view. It is, in effect, testing the water. If the Convention believes that a referendum is necessary, the people of Wales will decide.

Hansard, 29 April 2009 : Column 850

No ifs, buts or maybes. Just a simple commitment that if the AWC recommends it, the people of Wales will get to vote on it.

Paul Murphy might well regret having said it, but say it he did. So will he now stick to his word, or go back on it?

More importantly, he said it in his capacity as Secretary of State for Wales, thus commiting the Labour government in Westminster to hold a referendum if that is what the AWC recommends.

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Unknown said...

If the convention decided ...IT IS NECESSARY...

Hardly a ringing endorsement?

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