Labour's confusion over renewable energy

I've been very grateful for Wales Home's coverage of the Labour leadership election, though it does seem as if they are trying to flog more life into the horse than it deserves. Things are in fact happening very slowly, indeed it is only today that Carwyn Jones has launched his manifesto. Perhaps someone in his camp should have realized that the subliminal message from the front cover is that Labour are going downhill ... isn't it always the obvious things that go unnoticed?


I was very glad that I read both the Welsh and English versions. In fact I had to because what he said about renewable energy didn't make sense in Welsh, so I thought it might make better sense in English. But no, it seems that he doesn't know what either "trydan adnewyddadwy" or "renewable electricity" is. Nuclear energy is not renewable. But it would be unfair to single him out, for Huw Lewis makes exactly the same mistake in this interview.

It seems that the inability to distinguish between renewable energy and nuclear energy is endemic in Labour. The more cynical part of me would say that is because the UK hasn't done nearly enough to meet the international obligations it has taken on with regard to renewable energy targets, and therefore hopes to get away with saying, "Sorry, will nuclear do instead?"

It won't. It might help the UK reach its targets for CO2 reductions, but those are different and separate from its obligations for renewable energy. This muddle-headedness by Labour politicians now seems to be so consistent that it can only be deliberate.

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Anonymous said...

Carwyn famously stated in a public meeting that he opposed the proposed tidal barrage in Swansea Bay (Tidal Electric - QV) was due to his concern that it would reduce the height of the waves in his constituency, and thus reduce the income from surfing that Port Talbot enjoys.

The very detailed model, produced by AS Atkins, a world leader in coastal engineering, confirmed his point - at certain times the waves might be reduced by 1 Millie metre.

As a lifelong nationalist, I can't wait for this intellectual Collosus to take the helm of the Labour Party in Wales!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - Tidal lagoon!

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