Where shall we go?

This is just about the best poster I've seen explaining why AV is fairer than the current FPTP system we use to elect MPs.

If you want to watch the longer explanation it was based on, it's in this video.

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Anonymous said...

lovely comparison as usual your standard coherent and well thought out argument. Sadly on this unique occasion my friend I shall be voting a resounding NO. The Libdems really are annoying those of us on the right of the (plaid voting) spectrum. I got nothing of my right wing aim from westminster as a result of St Vince and co and to boot I find a cynical hijacking of our Welsh General Election for the use of the Libdems by forcing us to vote on their AV referendum on the most important day in OUR Welsh electoral calendar. For that they should be punished. Sorry!

glynbeddau said...

Well Yes. But under STV those who wanted to go for a Coffee could go and get one and the rest can go to at least one pub of their choice.

Thats why we should spoil the ballot to show that both FTP and AV are not the right option.

Unknown said...

David Cameron was elected as leader under a sort of AV. If the election had been conducted using FPTP, David Davis would have won!

MH said...

I think anybody who votes No simply to "punish" the LibDems has lost touch with their sanity, 01:01. This referendum is the one, half good, thing the LibDems have got from being in coalition.

Equally, I think anybody who votes No because they think it will bring an end to the coalition is barking up the wrong tree. This is particularly true of all the Labour MPs who fought on a manifesto supporting AV but are now going to vote No in the hope it will bring about an early election. They are a party without principles.

My advice to everyone who realizes that FPTP is unfair is to vote to get rid of it. We might not get another chance for many years. AV is only a small improvement, but it will make a big difference. Electoral reform is much more important than the LibDems.

Anonymous said...

electoral reform may be more important than the Libdems, but a level of respect from said party towards the democratic rights of the people of Wales is the most important overall, and for that I have been mostly convincing shedloads of people very successfully (particularly those who didn't fully understand AV) to shove one up the Libdems and vote a big fat NO

Alwyn ap Huw said...

There is an interesting take on AV on The Will Patterson Notebook:

I don’t know about you, but I carry out an AV-style process in my head already

His theory goes something like this:

My first choice is to vote Plaid in my constituency, but I know that they haven't got a chance, so I decide not to vote for them. My second choice would be the Lib Dem Candidate, but she dosen't have much chance either so I dismiss her. My third and final choice is anybody but Labour; as the Tories are more likely to beat Labour I use my third choice vote to vote Conservative. So the difference between FPTP and AV, to many voters, is that they put their workings out down on paper rather than leaving them in their heads.

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