Labour aren't paranoid

Last week, the excellent BlogMenai drew our attention to a rather strange advertisement, with a warning about the dangers of that sort of personality politics. The Western Mail picked up on the story today, including Labour's reaction to it.

Mystery group targets Labour vote in Wales

... A Welsh Labour spokesman said: “We don’t comment on anonymous allegations. This is clearly a nationalist smear campaign. Why else would they be encouraging people to vote Plaid in Conservative-held Carmarthen West, where Labour’s Christine Gwyther is the only serious challenger?"

Western Mail, 4 April 2011

This is the advertisement in question:


As we can see, even though the advertisement urges people to vote Plaid Cymru in Cardiff West, Carmarthen West, Caerffili, Conwy and Neath, it also urges people to vote Tory in Cardiff North, Clwyd South, Clwyd West, the Vale of Glamorgan and Gower ... and even LibDem in Brecon and Radnorshire, Cardiff Central, Maldwyn, Newport East and Swansea West.

Yet isn't it just a little strange that the Labour Party only managed to pick up on one constituency and one party? Why pick on Plaid Cymru? The hapless Labour Party spokesman could just as easily have said that it was "clearly a Tory smear campaign" or "clearly a LibDem smear campaign".


But this does prove one thing. The definition of paranoia is when you think everybody's out to get you. Labour clearly can't be in that category ... they're only afraid that Plaid are out to get them.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm the only person who, with the election date nearing, is seriously concerned about having a majority Labour government in Cardiff.

They've been worse than bad on Objective One, NHS, Education, Barnett and will come even more complacent and arrogant if they get 28+ seats.

We'll be a potato republic if Labour get their a majority.

Anonymous said...

George Orwell would be proud of this.
It smells a bit plaid up to it. Carmarthen West, why not vote tory?
plaid are also no great challengers in swansea west, brecon, cardiff cent, maldwyn or newport E
It's a grand plan to stop labour getting 31 seats while promoting lib and tory in seats plaid cannot win

Anonymous said...

The website is here

Anonymous said...

I like "We don't comment on these things. So here's our comment..."

Glyndo said...

If Plaid are behind it, how did they miss out Islwyn?

Anonymous said...

An English only website being registered to IWJs office? Doesn't wash with me. Smells like a hoax.

Concerned said...

United and welsh supprisingly is run by David Taylor and all materials they publish are funded by local bussnessmen, such as the motorcycle killer Dafydd Evans and the Travel Company Owner Clayton Jones.

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