Rod Richards calls for Nick Clegg's resignation

Thanks must go to Martin Shipton of the Western Mail for drawing our attention to another extraordinary example of bigotry and prejudice:

Anger as Politician chats in German

Former Welsh Office Minister Rod Richards has called for the resignation of Nick Clegg after he told the Daily Mail that he sometimes spoke in German to stop others understanding.

Mr Richards said: “A charge often levelled unfairly against German speakers is that they deliberately speak in German so that non-German speakers cannot understand them.

“By revealing that he and Lena Pietsch speak in German in circumstances where they don’t want people to understand them, Nick Clegg is confirming the view of many non-German speakers that German is an exclusive, secretive language.

“This is damaging to the German language and damaging to Germany. The best thing Nick Clegg could do would be to resign.”

Full Story in the Western Mail, 25 September 2010

Hear, hear. Martin has given us one more example of why the sinister usage must be utterly extirp'd. Thank goodness that the usual double standards are still alive and kicking.

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Lyndon said...

I thought Rod Richards was dead!

Is Martin Shipton the only person who still has his phone number?

Anonymous said...

nobody takes this right wing bigot seriously...indeed no one has taken him seriously since his well documented "personal issues" meant the end of his political career a decade ago! Well when i say say no one there is an exception to this..the exception sadly being controllers of current affairs programmes in wales who for some unaccountable reason continue to invite him onto their shows to hear his barely coherent ramblings on contemporary issues!

Leigh Richards

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not Leigh this poisonous creep still pops up quite regularly on Radio Cymru as a rent a gob pundit on items about the IRA / Northern Ireland / MI5 / MI6 due to the fact that he apparently worked for the British Secret Services some decades ago and can speak Welsh if paid to do so.

Despite the fact that Rod the Sod clearly despises his mother tongue, it is the Radio Cymru cheques which keep him in beer money and off the streets.

Sad but true.

Cibwr said...

A man of amazing judgement and clarity of thought... did he not once say when asked his view of Plaid Cymru, "you mean the gays?", and who appointed David Davies as his successor (something it took the Conservative group in the National Assembly 30 minutes to reverse....what fools). The man is a giant and we should heed his words of wisdom...

Anonymous said...

Rod richards is up a sausage if he thinks by 'calling' peggy cleggy to resign he will

Cibwr said...

He does give David Davies a run for his money, both rent a quote politicians.

Anonymous said...

I think Rod would make an excellent leader for the No campaign in next years Assembly powers referendum.

If you're reading Rod,go for it, we're all behind you

Anonymous said...

Emu says "NO"!

Anonymous said...

Please Rod,Lead the no campaign,think of all the good you would do for the yes vote and all the free beer from BBC Wales.

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