What are Tories really like?

It appears that David TC Davies has taken offence at being described as on "the far right of his party". He thinks that this is the equivalent of being "smeared as a Nazi".

     Monmouth Tory candidate David Davies in Nazi smear row

The rest of us can only wonder at what sort of paranoia might be responsible for him making the connexion. He's certainly not immune from making blatant threats, as we can see in this story in December last year, when he told us that Wales had "reason to fear" voting Yes in the referendum on primary lawmaking powers because a future Tory government would apply "specific cuts" to the Welsh budget if we did so.

And he's narrow-minded, ill-informed and intolerant. We only have to look back to what he said here in January of this year for a perfect illustration of that. He claimed that imported "barbaric and medieval views towards women" were responsible for a particular rape ... completely blind to the fact that there are far too many examples of that crime being committed by people from all sections of our society.


But do such outrageous statements put him on the far right of his party? To answer that question we only have to look at how the Tory party leadership dealt with him after his outburst. Did they deselect him? No. Did they reprimand him? No. Quite the contrary: they did absolutely nothing.


David Cameron has done his best to portray the Conservative Party as having changed, but underneath the airbrushed image the Tory Party has the same streak of narrow-minded intolerance that it has always had. But that doesn't mean they're Nazi ... just nasty.


Sadly, there's probably not much chance of David Davies losing his seat on Thursday, but elsewhere in Wales—particularly in Aberconwy, where there is a knife-edge battle between Plaid and a Tory who's got one or two intolerance problems of his own—I'd advise people to be very wary of voting for the Tories.

Getting rid of Labour MPs is one thing, but we can replace them with better MPs than the Tories have to offer. In Aberconwy that means voting for Plaid's Phil Edwards rather than Guto Bebb.


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Anonymous said...

There are 3 seats in the North East of Wales that the Tories won't win and that's, Alyn & Deeside, Wrexham and Delyn. Their target seat is South Clwyd and their Welsh campaign will have been a failure if they don't win. If John Bell does win it will be a disaster for the people of South Clwyd who have been poorly served since 1987 by the invisible Martyn. John Bell must be the worst debater in a hustings (except perhaps Nick Colbourne) and cannot coherently put forward a policy stance. Most candidates from the right are similarly flummoxed arguing the most simple policy issues.

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