A Party of Bigots

For me, the fact that the BNP is a party that bases its policy on race is quite sufficient in itself to condemn them.

But last night, at a local hustings at which candidates from all parties spoke, the BNP candidate gave some very definite policy statements—which he clearly stated were BNP policy rather than simply his own opinion—to a number of questions, which made me realize that the party is even more extreme than could be explained merely by their racism. He said:

•  Abortion is infanticide, it should banned

•  All current civil partnerships should be repealed

and, most bizarrely, that

•  Teaching gender equality can only confuse children about their gender identity

The person who said this was Richard Barnes, who is standing for the BNP in Merthyr. "Bigoted" is a word that has received rather a lot of media attention in the last couple of days, but I have no hesitation in saying—and saying it loudly—that the party this man stands for is a party of bigots.

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Anonymous said...

On the plus side, the comforting side; the BNP isn't going anywhere near power. This is because it's, basically, a white trash party and, because of that, it will pick up little support from outside that sector.

On the Continent there exists a tradition of intellectual fascism, found mainly in latin countries and often linked to the Catholic church. In Britain the far right has never been more than a bunch of working class thugs funded and led by a few middle class oddballs.

Consequently there is no one of any intellectual stature or standing in business or other fields prepared to be publicly associated with the BNP. Being what they are, they also struggle for covert support from the upper strata.

Result: the BNP - and whatever succeeeds it as it grew out of the National Front - will have support on sink estates where those with no intention of working will rant and rail about 'immigrants' taking 'their' jobs.

Cibwr said...

They do best in areas with low numbers of non white people but within towns with larger than average numbers of non whites. They appeal to disaffected voters and the latent racism that is everywhere. Yes they are nuts, yes they are dangerous, but they should not be over estimated.

Unknown said...

Sorry to be a pedant, but children can't possibly have a 'gender identity' - nor is there such a thing as Gender equality' - Gender being a grammatical term which includes the masculine, then feminine, and the Neuter gender. What I think he means is Sex equality and sexual orientation. So apart from being bigoted, he is ILLITERATE!

Anonymous said...

Richard Barnes is far from illiterate and stands for changing the low morals and lack of respect of this country, and indeed, the world, as it is today. Also, immigrants are fine up to a point, but there are way too many, and people can hardly be blamed for wishing to keep their British identity - most immigrants do not need to be here, and furthermore, the people of this country were not asked whether they would agree to these radical changes.

MH said...

Whether or not he's illiterate, he's certainly a bigot.

And the idea that "low morals" need to be replaced by the even lower morals of racism could only come from a racist.

Anonymous said...

I know Richard Barnes very well, although I am not a BNP supporter in any way. I was also at the Merthyr hustings. The term 'Gender Equality' was used as it is the term that New Labour use. It is the term used by the left, and he was referring to it as such.

Maybe it is the radical leftists who are the illiterate ones?

MH said...

Pull the other one, Anon.

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