A sunny day in Merthyr

Not that much time for blogging today. I'm taking a much needed coffee break from helping at the Plaid stall in Merthyr, where Glyndwr Jones is standing for Plaid.


Not many people I've spoken to today have much time for the sitting Labour MP Dai Havard ... or Dai Basra as he's known locally. It's not meant as a complement. Going to war in Iraq was hardly our finest hour on the international stage, and the damage done to our reputation in the world will take years to heal. Nor have we treated our servicemen and women at all well. We failed to equip them properly when fighting, and fail to take proper care of them when they return.

Plaid's Elfyn Llwyd has been in the forefront of highlighting this issue, as this video from a few weeks ago shows:


I'm pleased to say that this is one of the main points in Plaid's manifesto for this election. For more details about what we want to see happen, please read our policy paper.

     Support for Veterans


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Anonymous said...

But places like Merthyr will still be Red come May 7th come hell or high water.

Places like Merthyr will still see their sons and daughters have no other opportunity than to join the Armed Forces* or rot on benefits.

Places like Merthyr will still be caught in a downward spiral, with the occasional leg-up from housebuilding, retail or the public sector.

When the Valleys realise they are being taken advantage of.

When they realise that they must adapt and not fear change, or Cardiff, or the next valley over.

When they can break the cycle of dependency and introspective post-industrial ennui.

Only then we might begin to see a political kaleidoscope develop in South Wales.

*No disrespect intended, I come from a Forces family and they have a positive role to play, but for our best and brightest they should be an employer of last resort, not only resort.

Anonymous said...

Trouble Plaid have in Merthyr is the bad taste left by ex Plaid Counsellors and stupid young Plaid Turks.
The Lib Dems are making an impact.Plaid would do better supporting them to get rid of the waste of space Dai Bazra Havard,that would be a good result for the valleys.

MH said...

The LibDems are doing some work in Merthyr, VM, but Plaid outpolled them 1,977 (15.2%) to 1,401 in the EP election last year to come second. In fact the Libdems were fourth, UKIP were third.

But the LibDems had been second to Labour in 2005 and 2007.

To be honest I don't think it's a seat which Plaid or the LibDems could win this time round. The name of the game for Plaid is to keep increasing the general share of the vote, so that when we win Caerffili and Islwyn in 2011 we don't lose the regional seats we already have.

Anonymous said...

Agreed,the key votes would be those who voted independent in the local elections.many more than voted labour,plaid have no local councillors so that may be an advantage.

Anonymous said...

As far as Merthyr is concerned, and breaking the electoral mould, I say only one thing - KIER HARDY! It is possible!

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