Saturday in Aberystwyth

A superb performance by Ron Davies in Aberystwyth on Saturday deserves a wider audience:


And there are more speeches on this page.

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Anonymous said...

I must say a big congratulations to Penri James and the Plaid team in Ceredigion for all the hard work they put in on the weekend. I was there and heared the speeches and was surprised on just how large the audience were. You'll notice the childishness of the opposition trying to stick their placards over the Plaid ones but we shone through. Everyone had a good time and glad to see so many of Plaid's 'Celebs' in the constituency for the campaign. Good response to the canvassing by all accounts to. Lets hope this seats bucks the national trend and gets rid of Mark Williams and elects a better local candidate in Penri James.

On the issue to of the Welsh Language and 'that leaflet,' did you know that Mark Williams people have been going around telling people that he can speak Welsh. According to the BBC he was in 2000, yet nobody has actually heared him speak Welsh, and I have it on good information that he doesn't.

Unknown said...

Well Done Ron - and about time!

And it looks like Penri James is running an impressive campaign! Plaid's campaign was a shambles last time, from what I heard, which is why we lost.

As for Mark Williams, he's probably one of those 'I don't speak it, but I understand it' lot. Best response to that I heard years ago, and I use it whenever appropriate is 'I've got a dog just like that!'.

An amazing an unexpected endorsement in the guardian :

Anonymous said...

Mark Williams MP - paid £70k a year to go about drinking cups of tea with old women (but only in English mind, speaking Welsh is beneath him).

So, Ceredigion has an MP who has spent 5 years just working to keep his own job and not fight for the constiuency.

He's mediocre even by the standards of the LibDems. Can't think of anything he's done.

As one Aber businessman said, 'he's a professional tea drinker. We're paying a man to go around coffee mornings'.

Truly awful and offensive in his mediocrity.


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