Plaid's Manifesto

Plaid's manifesto launch yesterday doesn't appear to have made it onto iPlayer, so I thought I'd put it up here.


Just click the images below to read the full manifesto in either Welsh or English. The seven key policies are highlighted first, followed by Plaid's other commitments.


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Anonymous said...

why didn't they put the people sitting behind the speaker on a higher platform and with a logo/slogan written behind them? Nice idea though from a PR point of view.

Unknown said...

I would rather have seen Elfyn take the lead as this is a Westminster election (and anyway, he's far more impressive) but, on the whole Ieuan made a good fist of it - I loved it when he cowed the guy from Sky! . Much Better than the Anglesey launch, which is on iPlayer.

Great idea to have a Rhondda pensioner-miner introduce them! He should play a big part in the campaign!

Best manifesto I've seen from us - content and production. Looking after the returning soldiers is both right and a vote winner!

We are still a long way behind the game on the internet though. I'd love to help, but can't find out how!

And thanks MH for this post - this is still not on iplayer as far as I can see, which is a disgrace in itself that should be worth a few lines in the press!

MH said...

If anyone wants to put the video on their blog or website, simply click the button second from the right to get the embed code.

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