The Insouciant Pantomime Dame

Thanks to BlogMenai for reminding us that Chris Bryant is a man with double standards. Following Jonathan Edwards' complaint about this article in the Daily Mail, the Labour MP for the Rhondda provided this quote for the Independent on Sunday:

"I can't believe Jonathan Edwards has risen to the bait. Roger Lewis's piece is fatuous nonsense, but the last thing people want is a moaning version of Welsh nationalism. Wales is at its best when it is triumphantly insouciant about the criticism of others."

Independent on Sunday, 28 August 2011

I'm sure that some people might not know what "insouciant" means. But to save anyone the trouble of reaching for a dictionary, Chris Bryant has been kind enough to provide us with an example.

After being called a "pantomime dame" by George Osborne just before Christmas last year, he didn't just brush it off and carry on regardless; he took it as a slur on his sexually and shouted that the remark was "homophobic". He immediately went to the media and on Twitter to complain that George Osborne was wrong to say it and should apologize.


So there we have it: if someone makes an insulting remark about someone who is gay, the "insouciant" Chris Bryant thinks you should make an issue of it and demand an apology.


It looks like Chris Bryant was using a big word he didn't understand ... either that or he's a two-faced hypocrite who has one set of standards for himself, but applies the exact opposite set of standards to others.

"I can't believe Jonathan Edwards Chris Bryant has risen to the bait. Roger Lewis's piece George Osborne's remark is fatuous nonsense, but the last thing people want is a moaning version of Welsh nationalism gay rights. Wales The gay community is at its best when it is triumphantly insouciant about the criticism of others."

Why should Cymraegophobia be treated any less seriously than homophobia, Chris?

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Unknown said...

Chris Bryant is living proof of the old adage that if a donkey were to stand in and election in the Rhondda, if it had a Labour rosette on it, it would win.

He declared himself on the language when he complained of being confused by bi-lingual train announcements in the Rhondda, suggesting they are a waste of money.

He has also distinguished himself by inventing a method of getting around the new parliamentary expenses rules (which others have followed) of letting his London apartment, and renting another flat for which he can claim the full amount. He needs to be kicked out at the next election.

MH said...

Kicking him out? Be careful, Siônnyn. With his track record, that will probably be construed as a homophobic attack.

Jac o' the North, said...

Of course we should laugh off insults. I thoroughly agree with the posturing, self-promoting, hypocritical fairy.

Unknown said...

Great work from M H, exposing the double standards as usual.

Unknown said...

I'm sure that Chris Bryant has far more experience of 'turning the other cheek' than most of us do - he might enjoy it but It is not to my liking, thank you.

It is interesting to note that all the b list politicians criticising Jonathan are themselves from English backgrounds - and Lembit doesn't even live here any more. Voderman is just a media whore who will say anything to get her name in the papers - as, come to think of it, is Lembit these days.

Anonymous said...

... can't help thinking had some unkown Welsh person placed a blog or said something on Golwg or other Welsh news which was even so slightly 'anti-English' Bryant and another Labour AM/MP would have been up in arms.

He's a cultural and linguistic nationalist. Unfortunately he'll only stand up for the right of the English language and not Welsh.

Can't help thinking too that Bryant has similar views, but more sophisticated of course, towards Welsh as Roger Lewis.

Anonymous said...

... didn't Bryant raise a point in a Westminister debate or committee asking for seats at the West End to be made wider so that American visitors can sit in comfort?

Anonymous said...

... maybe the feelings raised by people speaking Welsh is similar to those speaking Catalan. Interesting video of Spanish policemen booing Catalan policemen for having the audacity to celebrate their identity:

Unknown said...

Anon - that is amazing! But of course, like the rest of us - the stateless nations, the have to just grin and bear it and turn the other cheek.

Unknown said...

Did Wales have representation there?

Anonymous said...

Don't know about "pantomime dame" but it's hard to imagine that anyone could be more of a "drama queen".

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