Carwyn's Website

While checking one of my previous posts, I noticed that the site which Carwyn Jones set up to support his to bid to become leader of the Labour Group in the Assembly is now being used for rather different purposes.

I'd advise those who are easily offended not to visit

But those who do will no doubt be pleased to see that someone's found a way to enhance, extend and prolong the site's effectiveness.

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Anonymous said...

I always suspected that "Standing up for Wales" had nothing to do with politics.

Anonymous said...

A stiff rebuttal to the claims of inaction.

Anonymous said...

These new levels of bed time activity would explain why Carwyn's always half asleep during the day.

Unknown said...

I am intrigued by Carwyn's "Male Enhancement exercises" - What exactly could those be?

I am comforted to read, though, that he realises he is on a tight budget. I would suggest, however, that what little money he has left would be better spent on enhancing the performance of the Welsh economy rather than that of his libidinous endeavours.

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