HTV fails

It was sad to read that the second American attempt to build a plane capable of reaching anywhere in the world within an hour has failed.


     Falcon HTV-2 is lost in bid to become fastest ever plane

It makes you wonder what the purpose of such an aircraft might be. Back in the sixties, there was a very obvious need for such a vehicle as International Rescue raced to save lives in any part of the world.


I'm sure the Americans must have something similar in mind. I mean, what other useful purpose could such an aircraft possibly serve?

And it does say something that a small, independent island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean should have succeeded in something that a large nation like the United States just can't seem to manage.

Think what effect a flotilla of them could have.

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Anonymous said...

There I was looking forward to a critique of HTV / ITV Wales... oops!

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