A Senior Labour Source

It appears that a "senior Labour source" has told Martin Shipton that there's something abnormal about a person who uses both Welsh and English.

     Labour slate 'Welsh only' AM for using English in Assembly business

What the story doesn't make clear is that this source is very senior indeed ... 65 million years old.

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Britnot said...

From the Dinosaur tendency of the "Old Labour Party". There are many who hold these views in the British Labour party, just think back to the True Wales supporters. They show how far some sections of Brit Labour are from the "inclusive Politics" we would all like to see.
Is it any wonder with people like this ruling the roost in Wales that we are more like an ex Soviet satellite state than a modern Western European democracy. Lets hope we have a spurt in the evolutionary process and consign these cultural bigots to the historical dustbin they so richly deserve.

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