Oriel Mostyn

The remodelled Oriel Mostyn in Llandudno has won Ellis Williams the Gold Medal for Architecture at this year's National Eisteddfod.

The handsome but hardly spectacular façade of the original building does little to prepare you for the extraordinary dynamics of the new space inside. There are some words about it here, but the pictures tell you what words can't. These are from David Roberts Photography:






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Cibwr said...

Wow what a contrast, impressive.

Anonymous said...

Architecture is an important part of the national movement and I don't think it's debated enough, it has an important part to play in national conciousness.

I drove from Herefordshire to Merthyr today and witnessing the change in landscape, architecture, atmosphere (and sometimes weather!) as you enter Blaenau Gwent is an amazing feeling.

MH said...

One wonders what might be happening behind some of Llandudno's other prim and proper Edwardian façades, Cibwr ;-)

I'd fully agree with Anon about the importance of architecture. The tradition in Wales has been to concentrate much more on the literary, musical and performance arts, with the visual/plastic arts taking second place. I'm glad that's changing.

Oversæt dansk engelsk said...

Really beautiful - great architecture!

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