More than a thousand

I'm now back after taking a few weeks off to enjoy the end of winter, and looking forward to getting my teeth into blogging again with renewed vigour.

While I was away, Syniadau reached a new milestone. I have now posted more than a thousand articles since the first one in April 2009, with the post on 18 February being the thousanth. That's something I'd like to celebrate with everybody who reads this blog.


In terms of popularity, the number of people who read Syniadau keeps increasing. These are the latest StatCounter graphs for weekly and monthly page loads, unique visitors and return visitors. The full details are on this page.



The figures are based on cookies, and different computers will have different cookie settings. A visitor who looks in several times a day will probably register that number of visits, provided they are more than an hour apart. But those who subscribe by email or by RSS feed will not register at all. So my best guess is that Syniadau has now reached the milestone of more than a thousand regular daily readers, and maybe another thousand who visit a few times a week.

Thank you.

To put things into perspective, we still have quite some way to go before reaching these dizzying heights, but at least the trend is in the right direction.

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Anonymous said...

Well done. Without a shadow of doubt this is the best political blog in Wales. Onwards and upwards.

Anonymous said...

More self-reverential sh*te. This might have been a good blog at one time, but those days are long gone. Your a self-deluded amateur who crossed swords with politicians of real stature and lost.

Anonymous said...

If the politicians were of any stature anon 12.05 they would have ignored MH. They were petty, vindictive and ultimately incompetent. Not unique but you would have thought that they'd want to keep their failings hidden.

Barkin'mad the Badger slayer has done Plaid no favours bringing this complaint.

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