The War You Don't See

Last night I watched John Pilger's documentary, The War you Don't See, on ITV. It was the most hard hitting couple of hours of television I have seen for some time.

This is a short trailer which gives a flavour of what it's about:


Nothing in the documentary particularly surprised me. From what I've written here and elsewhere, people should know my opinion of what Pilger calls the "rapacious wars" the UK government and some of its allies have been and are engaged in. Nor are some of the things reported new. But so much of this film's strength lies in the thoroughness of its approach in showing the failure of the mainstream news media to give us a balanced picture of what happens in these wars.

So I'd urge anyone who missed it to carve out some time to catch it here on itvplayer.

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cynicalHighlander said...

Thanks for bringing to my attention well worth watching and look forward to the trial of Bush and Blair.

Anonymous said...

... yeah, but Brit Left will still vote Labour ...

Unknown said...

Some things are bigger than elections though to be fair. Pilger isn't standing for any party

Anon has a point though- depending on how seriously you take war, seeing as nobody has ever apologised for the two failed wars, never voting for Labour ever again at any level is the only legitimate response from those of us on the left. When it comes to war crimes (in the case of Iraq) you really have to consider your own conscience in casting that vote, even if the individual MP or candidate didn't support the war, that party name is now wedded to illegal military action.

I personally believe Tony Blair will be tried before he dies- there is too much truth and too much evidence for these people to get away with what they did.

Anonymous said...

I personally think the only way to get out of the war cycle will be for the people to create there own value system of credit and ignore the imposed value system. Refuse to pay taxes and direct themselves in the cause of building lasting infrastructure with the promise of the free flow of knowledge. If we can't rely on our leaders to create such a peace, then we must.

MH said...

I agree that we shouldn't rely on the leaders we have to create peace, Anon. It's up to us. But as Ramblings says, one thing we can do (although of course not the only thing) is vote for parties who will do something different.

And I think it's silly not to pay tax. Most of the taxes we pay go to fund good things like education and health.

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

My name is Nicholas Muirhead and I work on Al Jazeera English's media review show, Listening Post. We have just interviewed Mr. Pilger about his latest film, the War You Don't See.

For those of you who watched the film and would like to have your opinion heard please contact me on as soon as possible.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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