A Preview

For those who've been waiting so long for it, this is the logo for the Yes Campaign:


And if you're into facebook, the Yes for Wales / Ie dros Gymru page is here. Still a few days to go before the official launch.

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Unknown said...

About time! Though from today's BBC poll, it does look as though True Wales have been doing all the work for us!

Owen said...

Slightly reminiscent of the union flag, but distinctly Welsh. I like it. Though the logo/branding isn't that important, it's the message to the electorate that matters. I'm looking forward more to the leaflets/public information that the yes campaign is going to put out, as well as who will chair it.

Siônnyn, I don't think the yes campaign can rest on it's laurals, even with the consistantly good news from the polls and the clangers dropped by True Wales and other unofficial no campaigners.

Call me a pessimist but despite the indicators that all 22 LA's will vote yes, I still don't see Monmouthshire, Newport and the Costa Geriatrica Anglia voting yes in March and the vote overall will be a lot closer than indicated.

Anonymous said...

'Where on the one road...!'

Lets go. Ymlaen!

Anonymous said...

I presume there are two versions of this logo, and one has the welsh above the english?

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