Liar Liar

With a hat tip to Bella Caledonia, here is the video of a song by Captain SKA that they hope will be this year's Christmas No. 1


I hope it makes it. It's relevant, fun, and definitely for a good cause:

"Liar Liar" official Launch date is 12th December. Will be available on all digital platforms. All proceeds will go to: Crisis, Disability Alliance, Women's Health Matters and FalseEconomy.

Launch gig is on 13th Dec at the Vibe Bar in London, featuring Captain SKA, comedian Josie Long, The Hackney Colliery band and DJ Jamie Renton (Chilli Fried).

Tickets from WeGotTickets search for 'Captain SKA vs The Cuts'.

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Anonymous said...

Nice video, but I won't be supporting it as it promotes the Labour party narrative. The video totally ignores the fact that the Labour party got us into this mess by creating a property bubble. The unions are also to blame as they bank-roll the Labour party.

Sorry, not falling to the anti-Tory alliance trap again. Plague on both their houses - Labour and Tory. Different faces of British state capitalism and whilst there's a British state and Welsh people like Kim Howell who want to be part of a 'Great' nation, this state capitalism will keep Wales poor.

Don't encourage them MH - they'll never back you, as we've seen with the Welsh TUC's lack of respect for Plaid's 'undeb' members highlighted by Grangetown Jack's posting:


MH said...

I'm not "encouraging them" Macsen. I simply think that we in Plaid have every bit at much right to pour scorn on the ConDem coalition as everyone else has. It's not a Labour prerogative ... not least because, as you rightly say, Labour are just as bad when they are in power.

We just have to make sure that we in Wales shine the spotlight on Labour's failures and lies too. In particular, we must not be afraid to do it because of the upcoming referendum. Labour's ploy is obviously to roll the two issues into one: "Vote Labour, Vote Yes." And that is a good ploy for them ... because their problem is getting Labour supporters to vote Yes. Plaid doesn't have that problem.

Our primary job is to pick up the votes of people who in the past have voted for other parties. Fairly obviously, there will be truckloads of disgruntled LibDem and Tory supporters in Wales as a result of what the ConDem coalition is doing in Westminster. Many of these would have voted Labour before, but switched in the election in May. What are they going to do? Vote Labour again?

Of course they won't ... their memories can't be that short. We in Plaid only have to convince them that we are a better choice for Wales than both Labour and the ConDems. We don't particularly have to get them to vote Yes as well: first, because hardly anybody will vote Plaid and not vote Yes in the referendum; and second, because all the polls show that people are going to vote Yes anyway.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your MH but this video dovetails into Labour's narrative. As we've seen from the PISA figures and yesterday tooth decay, Labour can't be trusted to govern by themselves. Videos like these, protests like those by anti cuts UK just feed into the Labour narrative. Can we not give them free publicity. Labour and complicit in the economic mess we're in.

We were told by Labour that we needed to be in a big state (not a small country of 3 million as Kim Howells insulted us) so that 'we' could effect world policies in the economy and war. Labour could have controlled the City, they decided not to and the Unions continued to bank-roll them. They could have controlled the housing bubble but chose not to. They could have kept check of spending (both personal and state) but chose not to. Videos like this let Labour off the hook. By posting it you're promoting Labour and making Plaid's job of giving people and alternative choice and reminding people of Labour's mess, more difficult.

To put it simply posting videos like this undermine's Plaid's vote. Viewers will see this and think 'nasty Tories = vote Labour'.


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Daxton Beckett said...
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