Exposed: the secret behind Labor's failure

The reason for Julia Gillard's failure to win a majority in yesterday's Australian elections became apparent when this picture was published yesterday.


It clearly shows her voting Green. She later apologized, saying that she was concentrating so much on the media that she didn't realize what she had been doing.

Unfortunately for the Australian Labor Party, many of their previous supporters did the same. Labor's share of the vote fell by 5.4%, and more than twice as many of those votes went to Green Party than went to the right wing Coalition.

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Anonymous said...

LOL :)

You should explain at the end that its actually the green ballot paper goes in that box for the House of Representatives election.
The purple box next to it is for the Senate election.
Oz does actually have the secrot ballot :P

MH said...

Thanks for sorting that one out, Anon. Now can you tell us when Oz lowered the voting age to six years old?

Sixteen? Well, that might make some sense, but six???

Val the Impala said...

Well judging from Karen on the BBC show Outnumbered I'd say, yes, give 6 year olds the vote ..... couldn't be worse than the boomers.

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