Every child should have one


... including those of us who are now children only at heart!

Click image for details.

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Anonymous said...

its lovely but £20 is a bt steep for a jigsaw even if it is sustainable wood.
May be if it was made in Wales I would be a bit more inclined :>)

Unknown said...

Definitely a middle class 'TAFFIA' purchase! Not something for the average Dai and Myfanwy to buy for Ianto!

Didn't I see it featured on the 'DRAGON'S DEN'?

MH said...

OK, VM and Siônnyn, I admit I was thinking more of my own inner child than anyone else. But why on earth can't we make things like this here? I was actually searching for some play-bricks with the Welsh alphabet. I found an abacus, a jigsaw and some teatowels. And a great frieze, which I've just put up (here on the blog that is).

Mind you, if we did make one here, we would at least give her wings ... or would we need a red bull for that?

James Dowden said...

:-D Dwi'n moyn un ohonyn nhw!!! But yes, the inner child is a better excuse by far than all that tedious settling down stuff...

Nawr, dyma syniad get-rich-quick: gwneud brics y Wyddor yn fy ngarej a'u gwerthu nhw i'r Taffia am £20...

Anonymous said...

Don't like the term Taffia.

Taffia ti me don't speak Welsh. They just support Wales at rugby and are Labour councillors. They wouldn't make an effort to buy something in Welsh and show their kids that Welsh is as good and normal as English. The Taffia just swallow anglocentric and american culture with Welsh as an after thought.

£20 expensive? ... have you seen the price of toys lately?

Unknown said...

Price of toys? - A Porche 911 Carrera s costs $98,500, so I suppose the dragon isn't that bad, really.

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