Another Blairism

Thanks to David Cornock's hard work ( ... who on earth would wade through Alistair Campbell's dairies? ... who on earth would pay £25 for the privilege?) we have another picture of Tony Blair's antipathy to, in his own words, the "fucking Welsh".

This time Ron Davies—the man that managed to get devolution launched in Wales despite the best efforts of the saboteurs his colleagues in the Welsh Labour party—is the Welshman concerned.

Campbell's entry for Friday, March 1, 1996 reads: "Ron Davies' office called to say that in an interview with BBC Wales he had attacked Prince Charles as immoral, raved on about him talking to trees, and basically said he wasn't fit to be king. Extraordinary stuff."

The diaries reveal that although Blair agreed to say the matter was closed, he later that day regretted not sacking him. According to Campbell, the future PM said: "How are we going to get this party elected when we are surrounded by ******* imbeciles? We were just about getting back on our feet and along comes Ron to shoot us in them."

Of course Charles Windsor isn't fit to be king. His mother has had the good sense to keep her own opinions to herself, which is the only way that a constitutional monarchy could possibly work. In contrast, her eldest son feels the need to make his opinions known on every subject under the sun, abusing his privileged position to interfere with the way decisions are made.

But the final quote takes the biscuit:

Back in May 1995, Campbell records a journey with Blair: "We headed straight back to Manchester, trying to decide where Ron would feature in a list of all-time most devious politicians."

The list of all-time most devious politicians? Gosh ... who would top that?

Thankfully, Blair's lies about the Iraq War are history. Though try telling that to all those who have suffered from that shameful episode. But as for Ron Davies ... well done. It's been a journey, but you've finally made it to your political home.

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Unknown said...

The lower Blair's opinion of Ron, the Higher mine becomes!

Anonymous said...

hmmm....these quotes cause me to wonder if the 'senior political figure' that true wales members have been hinting will be joining their tiny ranks when the referendum campaign starts in earnest will be the old war criminal blair himself??......i certainly hope so!!!

Leigh Richards

Anonymous said...

The idea that Ron continually pissed off Blair and his right-wing clique pleases me no end.

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