Celebrating the Nation

I've just come across the Welsh Government's YouTube site, which might just be brand new, since all the videos seem to have been put up at the end of last week. It includes a St David's day message from the First Minister and, despite our political differences, as our head of government and in the absence of a head of state, he is the one that should speak to both Wales and the world as we celebrate our national day.



I also like this video celebrating ten years of devolution. Graphics good, music not. It's a bit more political, but still worth showing again:


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Anonymous said...

Why is somebody from Plaid giving prominence to Carwyn Jones? He doesn't speak for Wales.

Loyalist said...

Wales DOES have a head of state. THE QUEEN. And a PRINCE OF WALES too.

MH said...

Anon, One thing I learned from living in America was the fine art of balancing criticism of the President's politics with respect for the office he holds.

On this occasion he was speaking for Wales, and what he said was not in any way divisive. We need to respect the fact that he's First Minister, and save our political criticisms for other occasions.

MH said...

Loyalist, The Queen is head of state for the UK, and she would probably be head of state in a newly independent Wales ... not least because I don't want to complicate the issue of independence with other things that aren't directly related to it. We can decide what to do after we get there. Canada, Australia and a few other countries weren't in any hurry. Their independence matters much more.

But do you really imagine the Queen can speak for Wales? That would be as incredible as the Queen speaking for Jamaica ... where she is also head of state. And as for her son? Well maybe he could, if he committed himself to identify with Wales and live here. But he just has a holiday home which he stays in for a week or two every year, and rents out for the rest of the time. That makes him no different from a good few thousand other people who do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Its time Wales was a republic. Let the people elect a figure head as head of the state.Having a so called Prince of wales is absurd and about eight hundred years out of date.

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