Live in Wales: Learn in Welsh ... the video

Following the lowest of low-key launches for the Welsh Government's new campaign telling parents about the benefits of Welsh-medium education, I've just discovered that they've put up this video on their YouTube channel.


It's a great video but, as I write this, it has only been viewed 21 times.

So I'd like to invite people reading this to change things by sending the YouTube link to everyone you know using Twitter, Facebook or just plain email.

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Anonymous said...

Good point MH ... or, even better, how about Labour AMs, MPs and supporters to retweet and send out on Facebook.

It's their initiative and it's good (as long as it doesn't then come up against Labour anti-Welsh language prejudice as in Cardiff's Grangetown) so why not own it and celebrate it?

Any Labour people out there?

Anonymous said...

This video is superb. It doesn't reflect what is happening in Cardiff though where the south of the city is completely under-served by WM provision and the plan for a new school has been derailed. Even though the demand is huge and includes many ethnic minority families. There is no sense of strategy from Labour in Cardiff on this, and when people call out their councillors on social media or in letters to the paper they try and blame other political parties rather than take responsibility for education in the city.

MH said...

I think the situation in Grangetown is very disappointing, but I still think it will happen, 12:56. We need to remember that the Welsh Government has given Cardiff the funding (or 50% of it, anyway) specifically to build a new Welsh-medium school, so they should not be allowed to use that money to build an English-medium school instead.

So if we keep up the pressure, we should get it.

MH said...

I've just checked and seen that the video has now been viewed over 500 times. In contrast, Jane Hutt's video on the new funding settlement, put up just before this one, has been viewed only twice.

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