The Next First Minister of Wales

This was Leanne's speech at Plaid's Spring Conference yesterday:


Wales' future is going to be better than its past.

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Anonymous said...

A rousing speech but it will be meaningless unless it's not just a speech but a declaration of war on Labour!

In order for Leanne to become the next first minster they need to first defeat Labour. It's unlikely that Labour will be anything other than the largest party in Wales come the next election, unless Plaid go toe to toe with Labour and defeat them in large swathes across the valleys.

The more realistic alternative is that Labour are left with an unworkable minority with Plaid in second place. Perhaps this would give Plaid the opportunity to oust Labour by creating an "anyone but Labour" coalition with the Tories (who Leanne stated she wouldn't work with in the leadership elections) and the Dems.

Only then can Plaid prove they are the best party to lead Wales. Destroying Labour has been a key goal of the SNP for decades. It's time it was a key goal of Plaid too.

Unknown said...

I also enjoyed the Speech and am sorry I could not be there to hear it live.The statements on education is a must. There were a lot of points made in the speech that made me nod, smile and well up.
Well done Leanne.
I also have this vision most of my friends say that its just a dream, but I always ask them the same question " if enough of us have this dream and believe in this dream don't you think its achievable"? it took Nelson Mandela years to achieve his dream and with enough belief and support from his nation the Dream came true.
I don't want it to take that long maybe I'm over ambitious , however if we REALLY want to succeed then we must start campaigning NOW Getting all the people behind every door supporting us through all of Wales.
Focusing on the Labour Areas Especially,now I'm not saying that where we have plaid support to leave them NO, but to have any chance of success we must be more pro active getting the failure's of Labour out into the media, and on to the doorstep of every house in these red heartlands. I know this costs money and time but it is something we have to do.
In 1999 this was done in RCT under the leadership of Pauline Jarman every door was knocked ,the failiure's of labour were pointed out and The ultimate goal was achieved Labour was defeated .We have to do this again be more organised more marketing more posters more banners and more door to door contact.
Greg x

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