Four interviews on the state of Welsh politics

More by accident than design, I came across a series of interviews this week with AMs from the four parties in the Senedd on a website called New Political Centre.

Huw Owen has asked each of them the same set of questions which, in brief, are:

•  How does the Welsh section of your party differ from its UK counterpart?

•  What do you see as the biggest issue or issues in Welsh politics?

•  As Welsh politics evolves separately from politics in England and Scotland, where will things be in ten years' time?

•  Should Welsh MPs be barred from voting on English-only issues?

•  What role and profile should Wales start to build in the EU?

•  How important is the Welsh language to Welsh politics?

I rather like those questions, and found the answers quite interesting. I trust others will too, so click the links below to read them.

     Bethan Jenkins, Plaid Cymru/Party of Wales
     Mark Drakeford, Labour
     Peter Black, Liberal Democrat
     Russell George, Conservative

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BoiCymraeg said...

Mark Drakeford practically seems to argue for Welsh independence in his answer to the EU question!

lionel said...

I haven't read Bethan's yet, but the three Unionist/ non Nationalist politicians' answers further highlight how IN touch with modern Wales all 4 Welsh parties are (in their own ways) and how severely OUT of touch their UK arms and most of their MPs are. This will only get more heightened. You could almost create a separate party out of the MPs from mainly Labour and the Tories, plus the odd Libdem from Ceredigion (particularly the anti-Welsh Brit fringe) not including Mark Williams, who all agree on hating the Assembly and being interested in only their own jobs, plus interfering in English only matters to fill their time.

keven john said...

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ambrose said...

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