Public opinion on financial powers for Wales

The reports in the media hardly do justice to the wealth of information and detail in the ICM/John Curtice/Richard Wyn Jones research document prepared for the Silk Commission and published this morning.

There isn't a link to it on either the BBC website or WalesOnline. So in case anyone hasn't figured out how to download it, just click the image below:


There's lots to say about it, and one or two things in it that raised my eyebrow. More on that later.

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Anonymous said...

The most strange fact was that of those who wanted an independent Wales, only 91% wanted tax powers.

Another; of those who DONT want an Assembly, 36% thought the Welsh Government should have tax powers.

I too have just glanced at this, and will read the rest tonight. But I can't help feeling that this is a strange poll!

Anonymous said...

MH - Any news about the document launched in London today by Centre maurits Coppieters / Welsh Nationalism Foundation about 'internal enlargement' within the EU (i.e. independence)?


MH said...

There are many seeming anomalies like that, Anon. I fear that it's going to be all too easy for people to cherry pick the figures they like while ignoring the ones they don't like. That's why I want people to read the whole thing.

Perhaps the best perspective to have is that it's more than just an opinion poll. It's a very creditable attempt to find out what people in Wales think ... and the seeming anomalies are in fact very helpful in terms of illustrating the extent of what people do and don't understand.


The CMC website is a real mess compared with what it was when I was last on it, M. I can't find Matthew Bumford's report on it but I'm sure it will be up soon. In the meantime you and others might be interested in another CMC report from last year on The Internal Enlargement of the EU from a Catalan perspective.

It's odd that both the UK and the Scottish governments are refusing to publish the legal advice they have (supposedly) received on Scotland's and the UK's positions within the EU if Scotland does become independent. And the EU Commission are dragging their feet too by, for example, so far refusing to allow it to be the subject of a European Citizens' Initiative, while having no trouble approving ECIs on worthy yet very much more minor issues like happy cows.

In the absence of such official information, the CMC research probably provides the most detailed and relevant examination of the issues involved.

MH said...

Credit to the Guardian for two articles on the subject:

Two-thirds of Welsh want greater powers for Assembly
Wales must be allowed to manage its own money

Anonymous said...

MH - your comment at 1.52 made me chuckle. No criticism of you as I thought the same thing.

But don't you think it's pathetic that we have to 'thank' and 'credit' Wales's most popular newspapers for actually reporting major news in the country!. How did out media get so weak!?

MH said...

The Guardian has a special place in Welsh newspaper history, Anon. For years, they were the only broadsheet to have a Welsh edition, the Grawniad. They managed to keep it going by pretending it was a spelling mistake.

They also pioneered a weekly magazine in the Saturday edition, the Cylchgrawniad.

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