Face to Face with Leanne Wood

I managed to miss Leanne Wood's interview with Adrian Masters on Face to Face a couple of weeks ago, and only found out about it when I got Plaid's newsletter yesterday.

So for anyone else who might have missed it, or those who want to relive it in all its glory, here it is again.


That hair, Leanne. That hair!

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Anonymous said...

I would suggest you have a look at what Gerry Holtham said regarding Plaid Cymru, independence and devo max yesterday to the Lords committee: http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/MeetingDetails.aspx?meetingId=11137

Rather controversial comments I think!. But unfortunately I think he is correct - the language is an issue for us who want independence!.

MH said...

What's that got to do with this post, Anon? Holtham called it "a very minor issue" ... and even that was based on his rather absurd idea that if you don't speak Welsh you won't be thought of as being Welsh by those who do.

So he was being, to use his own words, a "silly billy" and I very much doubt that you are one of "us who want independence".

Cibwr said...

Mmmm Anon would love to see that item, however I don't run Windows and there for can't natively see the clip. Not very open of Parliament to use such a restrictive system.

Back on topic, a good interview. Leanne is maturing nicely.

Anonymous said...

On Monday, on another website, Gerald Holtham responded to a series of posts critical of the language by a number of apparently different posters. Unfortunately, Gerry had not factored in the possibility that these posts were the work of a single multiposter.

MH said...

This isn't a post about Gerry Holtham, and it isn't a post about the Welsh language.

I'll delete any more comments that aren't relevant to the subject.

MH said...

It would have been heartless of me to delete the very lengthy comment that was obviously written (or at least started) before my warning, so I've now started a separate thread and reposted that comment there.

Anonymous said...

Good interview by Leanne. She's had a baptism of fire but is looking more and more settled and confident. My concern is that so few people have heard of her or indeed any Welsh party leader.

Cibwr said...

Anon 18:31 and there is the rub, with the lack of Welsh media its going to be hard work, but Leanne is clearly an asset. I think people will like her honesty and clarity even if they don't agree with her.

Robert said...

She speaks fine, she sounds like Labour did in the sixties when it was labour, sadly of course they did not win to much sounding like a socialist party. but yes she speaks about poverty an area I'm interested in being in poverty.

But the problem for Plaid is the same Socialism did not work for labour it's not going to work in Plaid, in Llanelli Nia Griffith's could be seeing her majority go down again, but not enough for her to lose, and Plaid has ton do more to see how they can answer some of the major question which come from this video. How do we replace £15 billion which would be stopped even if we stayed in the Union with devo max it a hell of a chunk of money for Plaid to replace and cut poverty

Anonymous said...

Good interview, she keeps on getting better!

Anonymous said...

Robert, Wales raises more than £19bn in taxes (or at least it did in 2008). We could afford devolution and the block grant out of our own resources. The bit we couldn't afford is the full amount on top of that, and you do have a point there. But it's closer to £6bn. Still a huge gap I agree.

Our socialism is sounding much betetr than Labour's actually because it's real world and decentralised, and also Plaid is open to working with others including the business community where there are many areas of common agreement. Plaid has a real-world socialism than isn't that dogmatic. Let's try and get the policies on rail and small businesses out there amongst the public.

Anonymous said...

Robert; Nia ğriffiths will still win until plaid speak to past members like Sian Caiach, similarly with Llais Gwynedd!

Unknown said...

I'm impressed. Leanne was endorsed by a significant majority of the membership, and I for one have had no cause to regret voting for her. It is a pity that DET has allowed his sour envy to feed stories attempting to undermine her leadership, almost weekly, to the Western Fail. It demonstrates that we were right to reject his bid out of hand. Why doesn't he try for Police Commissioner or something?

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